* This is my blog and mine only - not my employer's, friend's, sister's, Milko's, etc. you get the point :).

* Photos used are usually my own, however if photos are borrowed from a different source, it will be clearly specified. I hate Photoshopped photographs with a passion, so no monkey-business on this blog, just the odd cropping & collaging :)!!! Also, my photos are usually watermarked which in other words means that they belong to me and should not be used ANYWHERE without my permission.

* My reviews are 100% honest, but are all subject to my skin type, hair type, personal preferences and taste. 100% accuracy is not provided, I am only human after all :). Products featured here were bought by yours truly, unless specified otherwise. I accept PR samples  for consideration purposes only. I don't do paid reviews. I'm not affiliated with any company whatsoever.

* Please excuse my grammar & spelling, as English is not my mother tongue - thank you!

* I am soon to be an ITEC qualified Make-up Artist, however all advices and opinions expressed here are not professional, but personal.   

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