Artist in Make-Up, part time Beauty Blogger, wife, cosmetic junkie, etc. 

First things first, my real name is Andreea. Yes, your usual 'Andrea' with an extra 'e', no difference in how you read it though :). Here are a few (very few) random facts about me:

FYI: All points below start with the word 'I' :)
- Am a HUGE, mahoosive fan of french fries (France's 'best invention' in my opinion :P).
- Love animals & have two dogs- Minnie the Boxer & Milko the Husky
- Recently became a qualified Make-Up Artist (soon to be ITEC recognized)
- Am in my late 20's and I'm not afraid to write it 'out loud'
- Hate people on buses who don't respect other people's personal space :(....while on this subject, I hate Dublin Bus too!
- Use the word 'fabulous' way too many times than legally permitted
- Am happy to admit that blogging is my hobby and not a full time job

I love to write, and if you end up on my blog by any chance, leave me a comment and stick around...you might enjoy my company the same way I enjoy yours ;).

Contact Email Address: artdonatella@gmail.com

I also have a:

Facebook page

Twitter account

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