Friday, April 11, 2014

Bourjois 'Rouge Edition Velvet' Lip Lacquers

The month of April brings a bit of Spring sunshine into our lives, but also offers the new Rouge Edition Velvet lip lacquer by Bourjois, on a 'silver platter' in pharmacies nationwide. Launching a total of eight shades, Bourjois is kindly spoiling us to more than their own version of the super trendy lip colours in liquid form, they bring us matte lip lacquers and y'all know how desperately I love my matte lip colours! For the purposes of introducing these to you, I have three shades to show you today, however I am very much positive that I shall be purchasing a few extra shades in the coming weeks, it would be wrong not to nearly complete (ahem!) the collection, don't you think?  

RRP: 12.49 Euro

L to R: Peach Club / Ole Flamingo! / Frambourjoise
* Press Samples*

Swatches L to T: Peach Club / Ole Flamingo! / Frambourjoise 

Friendly Disclaimer: I apologize in advance for the swatches I have below, these were shot before the products actually dried/mattified on the lips which I can understand is not very useful to you, so I am sorry. Once dried, it's a bit hard to remove them from the lips, and I needed to take all shots and all swatches in one day.




The consistency of the lip lacquers is mousse-y and feels very light when applied. Don't be shy when applying these, do pack the product onto the doe foot applicator, as they will apply rather sheer and uneven otherwise. At first they look shiny and feel comfortable and airy on the lips, but they soon dry to a matte finish and  become rather sticky and obvious-feeling on. You will feel them on the lips, trust me, you will! They are indeed very matte once dried, and they can be drying on the lips, but I haven't noticed anything dramatic in this regard. And they won't smell pretty either. They have a plastic-y smell to them which is noticeable to me every time I use them, but this doesn't bother me one bit. The lasting power varies from good to very good, in the sense that it very much depends on what/how you eat throughout the day. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it does. I've worn all these shades a couple of times in a row, and their lasting power varied  to be could last a couple of hours on the lips, or it could last ALL day. It can go patchy on your lips also once it fades, as it doesn't always fade evenly, which can be annoying to me personally, sometimes. The doe foot applicator applies the product fast, easily, evenly and fuss free!

In conclusion, I for one love the new Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks, the shades are absolutely amazing and very unique - whoever is responsible for their 'shade creation department', deserves an A+ in my opinion. If you however are not a fan of long lasting, matte lip colours, then do stay away from these as they will not rock your boat as they rock mine!  

What about you? Are you vaguely/intensely intrigued and remotely attracted to the Rouge Edition Velvet lip lacquers? 

A. xoxo


Nora Mc said...

This look so gorgeous but I just fear these kind of colours and ‘stick/wand’ lipsticks. It’s probably from lack of trying them out but when I put on colours like this I immediately start thinking if it’s staining or drying out unevenly or is it on my teeth etc! I’m useless!!

ArtDonatella said...

Well if you've never tried liquid lipsticks before, I would recommend you trying out a more neutral shade perhaps, from the Rimmel Apocalips range? These aren't matte finish lipsticks, but they're amazing in quality and pigment. These Bourjois Velvet ones do tend to fade out in patches, so maybe these are exactly what you fear most? :) x

Miss Louise said...

want, no NEED THESE! Too bad I live in the US haha! I might die if I don't get my hands on ole flamingo though!

Molly Garner said...

these three are my favorite shade

Maliha Rao said...

Dying to try this looks delicious!
Great Blog! Following you now on GFC, Please follow back to return the Love <3

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