Monday, March 10, 2014

Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams

I placed an order with last weekend because I was looking to get the Bleach London Washing Out Liquid  shampoo which I saw on my darling buddy, Andreea's blog the other day (see her post here), as I am trying to get rid of the red pigments in my hair and attempt to get lighter locks again for when Summer comes. And of course because it's not in my nature to buy only one thing while in Boots, it turned out that this rule applied to online shopping as well because I quickly added two more make-up items into my basket.  And it was an impromptu purchase I swear, for some reason the Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams came up on my page somewhere as a recommendation, and who am I to say no to that? PS: It was also 3 for 2 across many a beauty products that day, so basically one lip cream was free - would have been rude no to.  

Price: €5.99 / each



Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams - L: Birthday Suit; R: Fandango Purple' - freshly applied, before drying

These apply really well and with a doe foot applicator, and I find application to be really easy and fast. The lip creams feel quite mousse-y when applied, they're very easy to spread and cover really well, resulting in a quite opaque finish. They obviously dry out to be matte and are in fact the mattest lip products I own. So matte and such moisture-sucking little products, that they could be a little bit too matte for my liking, a thing I never thought I'll see myself typing. They also last really well on the lips, but I've seen better results with other lipsticks in this regard to be completely honest. 

Birthday Suit

Believe it or not, I love Birthday Suit a bit better than Fandango Purple. I chose this beautiful neutral shade in the first place as I am cuckoo for natural my-lips-but-better shades, and this one is exactly that! A bit on the nude side and great as a bombshell lip shade when paired with a smoky eye look, I just love the way this looks on my skin tone, it looks fabulous and quite sexy in my opinion!

Fandango Purple

Fandango Purple is an amazing shade. Simply stunning, a bright magenta (duh!) that would look fabulous on any skin tone, but especially on darker skin - a new word for *stunning* would need to be invented to describe this shade on dark skin! My only problem with it is that it dries to such a matte finish up to the point where it looks like you applied a permanent marker onto your lips, a look that is NEVER appealing. Matte has never been this matte before!

All this you can of course correct with a touch of lip balm on top, or indeed a lip gloss if that's your thing, but always try to top the product instead of putting something underneath, as the colour will not apply as even or opaque on anything less than dry and clean lips. 

Are you a fan of matte finish lipsticks/lip creams?

A. xoxo


Sarah Dora said...

I LOVE matte lipsticks!! So cheap too, even though I may leave them if they're gonna dry my lips out, really wanna get some Lime Crime Velvetines...Birthday Suit is my favourite on you too.

ArtDonatella said...

@Sarah - While I've never tried the Velvetines, I read that these were great dupes for them. They do dry out the lips, for me though they're both worth getting if only for the shades alone, love them!

Pretty Purple said...

nice shades

CutiCLUEles Page said...

I love the nude one, such a gorgeous finish to it too.

Sarah B said...

I have one of these and they are Very matte, I'm not sure they're the most flattering lip products! I love the ELF matte lip pencils

Miss Louise said...

these all look stunning! Especially the birthday suit shade!! :)

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