Tuesday, March 18, 2014

*New* Sally Hansen C.S.M. SS 2014 shades

For S.S. '14, Sally Hansen have teamed up with Irish Designer Emma Manley, to promote the addition of six new shades in the Complete Salon Manicure family, in synergy with the incoming Manley Spring Summer 2014 fashion collection. The press release says: "Manley’s Spring Summer 14 Collection sees youthful shapes played against refined lines, reinforcing her love of contradiction within a garment.  Emma has found a beautiful balance between hard & soft, light & heavy, powerful & delicate. Emma has paired the new Sally Hansen shades with her Spring Summer pieces in a similar way." 

RRP: €8.95 / each

*Press Samples*

There is one extra shade in this new collection - 'Bleach Babe' - not featured in this post,  which is a delicate white shade with a touch of sparkle.


Emma Manley says:

“For Spring / Summer, we tend to veer toward brighter shades.  This is why I take my hat off to ‘Spruce Up’.  It’s exactly what we need to contrast against summer brights.  There’s plenty of white in the Manley SS14 collection so why not tone it down with ‘Spruce Up’! “


“Manley loves working with teal. It’s an easy colour to wear and demands attention without being in your face.  I love wearing ‘Blue Streak’ with navy and whites. It’s great for colour blocking and gives an outfit a modern edge.”  


“Pink, a colour I don’t often wear. Perhaps I’m not girly enough or lets face it, brave enough!  So what better way to get it into a look then on your nails.  I love contrasting this pink with Manley SS14.  It adds the fun and feminine fuss.” 

There is a gorgeous pink-ish raspberry undertone to this red shade, which my camera for some reason does not pick up on, but it's simply stunning in real life and has one of the shiniest finishes I have ever seen in a nail polish. Delicious!


“This is my go-to colour for SS14. It is elegantly bright, subtly girly and I can almost hear waves crashing on the beach when I look at it!  For me, this is the colour to wear with Manley’s more neutral shades for SS14.  A bright nail against our neutrals is the casually cool way to go.” 

You may (or may not) remember this shade from the 2013 Spring Summer 'Exotica' collection, so I really haven't a clue why this is presented as a new shade in the family. May be it was limited edition at the start of 2013? Really dunno, but it's here again and it's beeeeeeautiful! 


“I’m a huge fan of neutrals, sometimes less is more.  I love the simplicity of ‘Shore Enough’ against SS14’s metallics.  They demand enough attention as it is, so a neutral is definitely the way to go for an air of elegance.” 

My favourites by far are 'Tahitian Sunset', 'Spruce Up' and of course 'Aria Red-y?'. I am really, really NOT keen on 'Blue Streak' and it's hard to imagine that I will ever wear this shade to be honest, and 'Shore Enough' is a beautiful and delicate nude, one that I will definitely wear over and over again!

So tell me, is there a particular shade that winks at you and wants you to have it?

A. xoxo

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