Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Five Favourite Lip Balms

My lips are extremely dry in any weather, all year-round, they're drier than the Sahara desert and for a matte lip lover like me, it means my kissers must be in top condition every time I want to wear them lipsticks or any lippie for that matter. In fact, even when I don't wear a lipstick, I still need a good lip balm in order to keep them conditioned and hydrated. So I thought I'll show you my favourite lip balms of all time today, this might not be an uber interesting post, but hopefully is of some help/assistance/use to you nonetheless. 


No matter what, where or when, if there ever is a lip balm that is cherry flavored on sale, I am definitely bound to purchase it. Cause you see, I adore cherry lip balms *applies her A.R.D.L.P. lip balm*. This is by far my favouritest lip balm in the world, and I have it in both the form of a tin and a squeezy tube, and I love them both equally! The texture of it is amazing, it's not greasy, but thick and a bit sticky, and it translates onto the lips as not glossy, but like a matte-ish, velvety coat of lip balm. You know those lip balm ads where girls have *just* the right pinch of pink to their lips and *just* the right amount of glossiness to help them look conditioned? Yep, that's what this bad boy here does to one's lips. These aren't available to purchase here in Ireland which pains me, I bought mines from duty-free's in Spain and Portugal at about 6 Euro/ each.    


While I'm not a huge fan of this particular shade here (my favourite one is 'Prune Gourmande' but I can't locate this in my stash now), this is a great little product to have in your handbag and moisturizes really, really well. Priced at circa 5 Euro, it's affordable and definitely does the job well- especially the Prune Gourmande shade- as the formula between the shades varies.   


This is the perfect tinted lip balm and it's my first choice when I want glossy, plumped and fabulous looking lips, and when I can't be bothered to use a lipstick. The finish is glossy, the shade is a shy cherry red, it smells deliciously fruity and it's simply beautiful when applied on the lips. Extremely hydrating and inexpensive. I highly recommend this one if you like your glossy lip balms with a hint of colour. Priced at circa 2.99 Euro.    


Another cherry flavored lip balm, but with a hint of refreshing mint, this feels cooling and a bit tingly when applied and moisturizes really well for a price of c. 3.99 Euro. This is not tinted, translating completely transparent on the lips and has a glossy (but doesn't feel oily) finish. 


*Press Sample*

And finally, my favourite over-night lip treatment, the Cicaplast lip balm is again a clear untinted product, has no particular smell and has a thick consistency which is very similar to the Agatha Ruiz de la Prada one. This again, doesn't have that oily texture and glossy finish and it retails at an RRP of 6.50 Euro. 'Tis a good one!

I'm guessing that by now you can tell that I'm not generally one to spend big money on lip balms, I am a huge believer that brands like Nivea and Carmex are fabulous and I refuse to pay anything more than 7 Euro on a lip balm to be honest!

What is your favourite lip balm of all time?

A. xoxo


Rachael McClenaghan said...

I am the exact same and trying to keep my lips in tip top condition. Its just so hard at times or some products just dont make the cut likr they used too.

Rachael x
All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

ArtDonatella said...

@Rachael - I know, totally agree! I do love the variety though :D x

johnitsonlymakeup.com said...

Beautiful pix, missus! I must investigate some, I've become so boring with my Cicaplast.

ArtDonatella said...

@Lorraine - Ah thank you kindly, missus, I do love me some Cicaplast - if only it would come in a cherry flavored version- would be ideal ;)

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