Friday, December 6, 2013

L'Oreal Professionnel HairChalk

"Make-up for hair by L'Oreal Professionnel"  says the intro to my press release from the L'Oreal Group, and darlings that was all I was missing in my life, cause all the other make-up I already have!

I was very excited when I first heard the news that L'Oreal Professionnel was bringing out Hairchalk (RRP: 18 Euro) in not one or two, but eight fabulous shades:

* Sweet Sixteen Pink (pink)
* First Date Violet (violet)
* Blue Ocean Cruise (blue)
* Garden Party (green)
* Coral Sunset (coral)
* Coffee Break (chocolate brown)
* Bronze Beach (bronze)
* Black Tie (black)

Now boring as I am, when the PR rep for L'Oreal Professionnel asked which shades we liked, I chose 'Bronze Beach' thinking I'll be 'safe' with that, so what happened was that she sent me an extra shade in Sweet Sixteen Pink, and thank God she did because Bronze Beach did nothing on my already caramel toned hair. I reckon this would be best on dark hair or maybe really light blonde hair. The pink one however, is a different story, a story I shall share with you below...

*Press Samples*

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Balm Cosmetics 'Meet Matt(e) Nude' Palette

I am here to introduce you today to a wonderful matte eyeshadow palette from The Balm Cosmetics and to do that I will insert some photographs below with some swatches and two looks I achieved with them, together with a flash review on YouTube. Yes people, I said YouTube. Provided that you can overcome a) the quality of the video which is pretty much awful b) that I kind of talk like I'm in slow motion or something and c) my accent and pretty annoying voice, then you will find out a bit more about this palette from my ramblings within. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sally Hansen CSM. 'Joanne Hynes Collection' Swatches

Leading Irish Designer, Joanne Hynes, has chosen eight shades of Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure to compliment her new collection called '11', a limited edition collection featuring 11 pieces of accessories  and 11 pieces of clothing. While this is a collaboration between the two brands, the nail polishes featured within, are priced the same at €8.95 each and are not new shades/additions to the Complete Salon Manicure family, but instead are being revisited and brought into the spotlight. 

*Press Samples*


"Orange is the pop art colour of the season, this glossy orange can lift your skin tone in the winter and illuminates your hands. Wear it layered and glossy for a clean positive look. It is the exact same shade as the laser cut perspex embellishment in my “11” collection, it juxtaposes really well against navy and metallic tones for a new slant on summer days gone by. Wear this for a confident positive entry into winter for the new season.”

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks

Launched back in August of this year and replacing the' Colourglide' lipstick range from The Body Shop, the 'Colour Crush' range comprises of 24 gorgeous shades available in three families: reds, pinks and nudes. The range is vast, the formula is gorgeous and I have three of these to show you today. 

Colour Crush Lipsticks by The Body Shop

RRP: 12.95/each

*Press Samples*
 L to R: 201, 315 & 305

The formula of these is very moisturizing and feels more so like a balm rather than a lipstick when applied, and are super comfortable in wear due to cherry seed oil and Community Fair Trade marula oil contained within. Oh, and they smell rather delicately rose floral delicious also.
Swatches L to R: 201, 305, 315

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

David Beckham 'Classic' Eau de Toilette

Can we just take a minute to discuss David Beckham's current hotness? Yeah, I know he's always been quite a great looking fella, but I see he's blossomed lately into this mature, great looking, fabulous with kids kind of man. And he's like a good wine, gets better with age don't you think? Feel free to agree with me on this in the comments.

Ok, moving on from D.B.'s hotness, in other news he has a new perfume on the market which launched back in August, one which you've already guessed from the title, is called 'Classic'. 

*Press Sample*

RRP: EDT 40 ml: 23.95 Euro & EDT 60 ml: 29.95 Euro


TOP NOTES: Gin Tonic Accord, Lime, Galbanaum
HEART NOTES: Cypress, Nutmeg, Fresh Mint
DRY DOWN: Cedarwood, Amber, Vetiver

PERFUMER: Aurelien Guichard from Givaudan (J.P. Gaultier 'Le Male Terrible', John Galliano 'For Women', Nina Ricci 'Ricci Ricci')

'Classic' opens really fresh and invigorating with sparkly lime notes and settles after a minute in a masculine, spicy scent. In fact, 'Classic' is very much a suitable name for this fragrance, as the image of a freshly showered and shaved man pops into my mind upon sniffing this. It's a warm, pleasant and comfortable scent, a winner perfume for any man who's into masculine and charismatic scents, and I mean, who isn't into that really? I am also advised that it's quite a long lasting perfume on the skin, which is always a bonus especially for an eau de toilette formula.  

Its bottle is a no frills, clean cut yet stylish and modern looking bottle on my hubby's perfume shelf. 

Its price is extremely affordable, the perfect Christmas present suitable for all ages in my opinion, be it for your partner, father, brother, etc, this perfume I think would please all noses including our very own. It's not too sweet, not too spicy, and is very much the perfect masculine scent, and well...very much a classic one. 


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Five Favourite Autumn Nail Polishes

Since starting my blog back in 2010 (Jaysus, I'm ancient!) I've become more and more interested in nail polishes and nail care. Before then, I would simply not be bothered with nails, sure I would paint them and all but I'm really into nails at the moment which I'm pretty sure you've all noticed from the amount of posts dedicated to the subject. Well as any respectable beauty blogger, I do have a good couple of favourites in my collection, but as any 'super-respectable' beauty blogger, I have them season-allocated. Oh yes I do. And I'm totes gonna show you my Autumn favourites now. There's no stopping me. Here goes. 

L to R: 
Rimmel Salon Pro 'Sea Green'; Barry M. Nail Paint 'Raspberry'; Sally Hansen CSM 'Greige'; 
Avon Nailwear Pro+ 'Tweed' & Sally Hansen CSM 'Bandage'

Monday, October 14, 2013

Current Make-up Routine

When I say  'routine' I mean it, buds! I am constantly finding myself reaching for the SAME beauty products for the past couple of weeks, it's almost becoming a statement, signature make-up look and if you've seen me lately, then I was probably wearing this glorious bunch on my mug:

PRIMER: Isadora Under Cover Face Primer -  This is a new one folks, a press sample I received a while back and it's a really, really fantastic primer. I reach for it every single day since I got it, and bare in mind I own over 5 different primers currently. I love the texture, which is very silky and light and spreads like 'butter' on the skin (silicone free though), it evens out the tones in my skin beautifully (could be due to its peachy shade which while indeed it translates as transparent once applied, there is still some peach-iness left to it in my opinion- quite similar to Benefit's Porefessional but better!) and it helps my foundation last longer. It does not clog my pores as other primers do, and there is not one bad thing I can say about it. Not one! I can assume that I am nearly half way through my tube already, because I use it religiously. Price is €19.95 so it's not the cheapest primer out there but by all means it's not the most expensive one either, and to be quite honest, it's one of the best primers I have ever tried if not the very best.  

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Smoky Eye on a Budget

When it comes to budget brands you really can't go more budget-y than with NYC Cosmetics, and cheap doesn't always mean poor quality by all means, and I have two brilliant products today to demonstrate you (and me!) just that. 

I was sent these products by the brand on Thursday and I was quite delighted to have received their Color Instinct quad in the shade that I've been looking for ages, shade 967 'Picnic in Central Park' which was always sold out from the NYC stands I came across in my endless quest. This costs 3.49 Euro and it's bleedin' gorgeous if you ask me, if you're on a budget and love shimmery neutrals, then you'll love this palette. The formula of these is identical between them, soft and creamy and very pigmented. I wish the darker shade would come in a bigger size, but I guess these were created in a clever 'light, medium, dark' kind of way, knowing that the medium shades would be mostly used all over the eyelids, and the rest will be used in smaller amounts on the outer and inner corners of the eyes respectively.  



Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sleek I-Divine Vintage Romance Palette

I am a woman of many eyeshadow palettes and yet I have never tried anything from Sleek in terms of eye products, until recently that is. Very recently I may add, until Thursday past. I was sent their new eyeshadow palette by  Cloud10Beauty to try and review, and I literally could not wait for the weekend to start playing with it. The new Sleek Autumn 2013 collection comprises this gorgeous 12 shades eyeshadow palette plus a blusher called 'Antique Blush' which I wasn't all that keen in trying to be honest, since I am not a fan of their 'Rose Gold' blusher in terms of formula and texture, which by all means has nothing to do with it I know, but I just wasn't interested in that.  

Now the eyeshadow palette, is a whole different story if you ask me...

RRP: 9.99 Euro

*Press Sample*

The compact is, well, very sleek as the name of the brand would suggest, perfect for travelling and has a certain vibe of good quality about it, which I very much like. 

Twelve gorgeous shades are housed in the palette:

TOP ROW, L to R: - Pretty in Paris, Meet in Madrid, Court in Cannes, Lust in LA, Romance in Rome, Propose in Prague

BOTTOM ROW, L to R: - A Vow in Venice, Marry in Monte Carlo, Honeymoon in Hollywood, Bliss in Barcelona, Forever in Florence, Love in London

Monday, September 16, 2013

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa

Here. I'll be honest with you lot. I get sent and buy a lot of serums, creams, lotions and potions, and yet I am not the type of girl to use a moisturiser on a nightly basis, instead I usually use serums only which I very much like the consistency of. And you see, I have oily to normal combination skin - more so on the oily side, so although I KNOW (please don't remind me in the comments) that oily skin can be dehydrated also and that a moisturiser is crucial to hydrate for a healthy looking/feeling skin, I just don't feel like doing so. There, I said it. I'm just not in the mood to moisturise, therefore I generally don't. Until now that is. Enters Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa.

*Press Sample*

RRP: 27 Euro

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sally Hansen 'Runway Ready' Autumn 2013

Whether you're a fan of classic red, nudes, outstanding or dark and seductive nails, this Autumn Sally Hansen has knocked off 2 Euro of each of seven already existing shades in the Complete Salon Manicure family, seven shades which I will show you below. There is literally something here for everybody, so if you're a fan of the range, these particular shades now only cost 6.95 Euro each. These were carefully selected by the Sally Hansen experts to catch the A/W 2013 nail trends as seen on the international catwalks. 

*Press Samples*



Thursday, September 5, 2013

Clarins 'Graphic Expression' Autumn 2013

It's a bit sad that September is here already and the only good thing about Autumn in my opinion, is the make-up side of it, the colours we wear become richer, darker and more fulfilling if I may, very much like the 'Graphic Expressions' collection from Clarins which is rich and comforting in shades and textures, like a warm blanket on a cool yet sunny Autumn afternoon. Here is rundown of my favourite products from the collection, all of which are press samples I received a few weeks back.  


The eyeshadows in this palette are quite impressive in quality. They're pigmented, buttery soft and easy to blend and work with,  and cause no fall-out which is always a bonus. My dramatic self is  inclined to be believe that there's nothing worse than a non-pigmented or a powdery eyeshadow that goes everywhere once applied, especially if like me, you do your base/foundation first as a general rule. Another bonus for this palette is that it's a fabulous neutral go-to ensemble, perfect for work but nonetheless perfect for after-work too. Quite versatile for a wee little palette. I am still not convinced about the price of this (at 41 Euro, it is pricey), but one thing is certain: Clarins have upped their game in terms of the quality of their eyeshadows and I am happy to admit that. 

CRAYON KOHL '01 - Intense Black';  RRP: €17

 I simply had to show you this product since it's the best of both a khol and a gel eyeliner, it's not as creamy as say, Avon's Supershock Gel Eyeliner is (which can be messy at times), but it's not a hard, waxy textured pencil either, which by all means makes it perfect to be used around the delicate eye area and on the waterline. Ladies, this one delivers the blackest black pigment, decency in lasting abilities and it's bang on my go-to eyeliner at the moment. Plus that smudging, sturdy little brush at the opposite end means business and again, delivers! The brush is perfect for smudging and blending the eyeliner in. Oh, and it comes with a pencil shapener inside, win-win-win.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shiseido 'Zen Sun' EDT

There is something about a Summer perfume that makes me want to buy it. Actually, there is something about all perfumes that make me want to buy them, but Summer editions in particular are always under investigation in my station.

'Zen Sun' EDT Fraiche by Shiseido is the very capsule of Summer, a fruity tropical yet delicately floral fragrance, that suits my personal taste in scents beautifully. In fact, this is quite similar to both 'Dior Addict Shine' and 'Dior Addict 2' by Dior, which I already own in my collection and love.

Shiseido Zen Sun - 100 ml Eau de Toilette Fraiche - RRP: €63 
(comes with a FREE luxury Zen Sun Soap)

*Press Sample*

Monday, August 19, 2013

Estee Lauder 'The Metallics' - Autumn 2013

'The Metallics' is the name of Estee Lauder's Pure Color Autumn 2013 collection, which as you can already tell by its name, comprises of products specifically created to add dimension, futuristic shine and well, a metallic vibe to ones eyes, lips and nails.  Launching this month, the following is what you can expect to find on the stands:

Autumn looks good from this angle!

R: Pure Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquers - 8 shades  RRP: 20 Euro
L, T: Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquer - 12 shades RRP: 26 Euro
L, B: Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipsticks - 6 shades RRP: 25 Euro
Not pictured: Pure Color Instant Intense Eyeshadow Trios - RRP: 34 Euro 

Pure Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquer in 'Chrome Violet' 
*Press Sample*

Friday, August 9, 2013

Sally Hansen 'Fuzzy Coats'

So, so late on bringing you the news, but in my defence we're only on the 9th of August, and there's still time to take advantage of the following:

Especially for the months of July and August, Sally Hansen has kindly brought out the brand new 'Fuzzy Coats' in four shades, a "special effect textured nail colour with a unique woven fibre" as they call it, or "confetti nail effect" as *I* call it. These are completely and utterly free when you buy the corresponding shades of Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes, which I may add, they're bleeding fab on their own anyway. 

*Press Samples*



Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bourjois Rouge 'Shine Edition' Lipsticks

From time to time a fabulous and affordable brand and a lipstick collection at the same level of fabulous-ness happens, and when it does happen, I am right there drooling over them in style. Well, as it happens (:)), Bourjois has brought out six new shades of lipsticks this month in a collection simply called 'Rouge Shine Edition', and it's well worth a mention my fellow beauty aficionados.  

*Press Samples*
Rouge Shine Edition - RRP: 7.99 Euro each

A shiny, glossy, moisturising and comfortable formula with mango butter extracts, these lipsticks just glide on, packed full of pigment, for a luscious lips effect this Summer. Sounds like an ad, doesn't it? Well it's true, having wore these for months now, I can kind of vouch that all the above is well true and to the point. 

Shades wise: delicious! I have three shades to show you this evening: 

Monday, July 8, 2013

My Holiday Beauty Kit (pic heavy!)

Oh hello there, long time no speak! In case you thought I've abandoned my blog well stop right there, cause I've been crazy busy with work and I've also had a 10 day sun holiday in Spain, so these are pretty strong reasons for a blog break, but now I'm back baby!

Instead of doing a 'June Favourites' post I thought I'll do a Holiday Beauty Kit feature, since I spent a lot of time in the sun in the month of June, so virtually these are all my favourite products since I only took a selection away with me, my most reliable beauty products in high temperatures. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Introducing a new frilling website:

The 'Commander-in-Chief' is back, a.k.a. Kirstie McDermott for everyone else out there, co-founder of Ireland's biggest, most recognized beauty blog - Beaut.ieBeauty Editor with Confetti Magazine, freelance beauty writer, lecturer at the National College of Ireland  and all round social media wiz, she is now back with a kaboom over at the newly launched  Plus she writes like nobody's business, and I am a huge fan of her salt and pepper sprinkled beauty reviews.  

What's 'on offer' you ask? Think everything from accessories to life's fun frills like home decor, Pinterest boards (yes man, you can sign up and pin at your desire straight onto the website :)), and beauty of course, cause that's what tickles my fancy the most as you can imagine. Oh, oh, and you can win prizes on a regular basis :).

So here's a rundown of some articles I spotted there that I personally find interesting and eye-catching:

....And many, many more!

According to an online poll conducted by the website, 51% of women participating in the poll prefer buying accessories to clothes, for the simple fact that these always fit (I am totes in this category myself).  Also, "61% spend between €20 and €60 on finishing touches each month - mostly at Penneys, Topshop, River Island, H&M and Zara. Brown Thomas and Arnotts are firm favourites with 26% and 22% of Frillseeker readers who report regular accessories pitstops."  

ASOS comes on top in the online shopping department with 62% choosing it for their shopaholic adventures. Now that's no shocker me thinks! 

Plus, "a third of Irish women own more than 30 pairs of shoes, and of them, at least 15 are unworn" - well that's only natural now! I'm off to show my hubby these stats asap, just so that he can see for himself just how normal I am in this regard. Ahem!

So ladies (and why not, gents), if any of the above peaks your interest, then why not head over to and give Kirstie a big 'welcome back' and stick around as I'm sure you'll find something of interest there, if not everything!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bourjois 'Summer on The Riviera' Bronzing Range

The new 'Summer on The Riviera' bronzing range by Bourjois is in stores now and will be permanently part of the Bourjois family, and comprises of the following: Bronzing Primer, Maxi Delight Bronzing Powder, BB Bronzing Cream 8 in 1, and Fabulous Body Mousse Bronzer.

*Press Samples*

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Favourite Body Creams

I admit it, I am not one to lather on the body creams on my booday on a regular basis, but when I do, I kind of like to do it *in style*. And by that I mean I like to very much enjoy the process and pamper myself.  I have an insane collection of body creams and lotions for one tiny person like me who's not really that much into body creams. But amongst these body creams I do have four favourites. Oh yes I do! Today I'm talking only body creams and not lotions, which are very different in texture, plus one you squirt/pump out of a bottle and the other one you scoop out from a jar. Just in case you were confused about the difference :).

Saturday, June 8, 2013

PR Perspectives

I long  planned on a feature of this sort and when I finally decided to go ahead with it, I knew exactly who to turn to for help. I'm talking about the blogger-PR relationship per general, and today's post will feature some general questions and answers from two PR professionals, who kindly accepted the challenge. 

Have you ever wondered about what exactly PR's like in a blog, their dislikes and the highs and lows in a PR - Blogger relationship from their perspective? Yeah, me too, so we have two awesome ladies today answering my questions, and hope you enjoy reading them. On a side note, I respect their opinions because they're two of my favourite PR's to work with, and they're exceptional people who are kind, considerate, highly professional and most of all GOOD at what they do!

First, we have a highly regarded and well loved Beauty PR who represents her clients with originality and creativity, a PR professional to the very core, with over 10 years experience in the marketing/PR industry under her belt. We shall call her ‘Kirsten’ today because she chose to be anonymous in order to express her sincere opinions in this matter without the risk of affecting any of her clients or the brands that she represents, and I respect and fully understand her choice and kindly ask that you do the same. 

And then we have our one and only, Ms. Paula Hurley - Senior Account Manager at Market Match, who manages the PR for Vichy, LaRoche-Posay and Roger&Gallet in Ireland. If you're an Irish Beauty Blogger then you might already know who she is, she is funny, witty and a pure pleasure to interact with, Paula is by far one of the kindest professionals I have ever came in contact with. Always on spot with replying to emails and queries, always on top of her game and always with a cheeky smile on her face.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Eyebrow(s) Routine

Eyebrows are important. Very important. It can make or break a face structure, can add or take from its symmetry, can build or destroy everything, it's a serious business and should be treated accordingly! *breathes*

That being said, great eyebrows are so bloody hard to achieve, especially when your 15 year old self has taken the liberty to pluck them in a crazy fashion during your teens. (If you're a teen and you're reading this, stop what you're doing right now! )

Based on this and being always on the look out for the perfect eyebrow shape, I finally arrived to the conclusion that your natural shape is the best, not 'Cara Delevigne natural' in my opinion, but slightly polished and natural. I've been growing mine out (brows that is!) for some time now, I like to say because I wanted to change their shape. And it's true to some extent, I was planning on booking an appointment with The Brow Artist  - these girls have mad skills when it comes to eyebrows, however I decided on plucking them last weekend as I'm planning a hair colour change soon and of course I want my eyebrows to match my colouring and that includes my hair. So, I have to make the hair colour change before getting my eyebrows done professionally.

So shape change and general laziness (and the fact that I sneeze like a mu'fucka every time I pluck them), led me to growing out my eyebrows to the stage where I became a 'hairy eyed beast'. More hairy, less beast I want to believe :).

It looks less scary in the photos, but in real life, I had mad eyebrows I tell you.  

Now I am no eyebrow expert, but I know what I want and like with utter precision, so here's what I did to fix mine: Flash Sale

Back in the days before I even started blogging, I had two major online crushes, the fab and brilliant and the always fantastic The latter I used to check out every single day for discount codes, special offers on beauty and fashion, and your regular savvy person frills. I usually kept my eyes peeled for the 'Bonus Time' and gifts with purchases, as I used to run to the counters to buy as soon as the offers hit the stores, and the reliable was always there to guide me. 

Which brings me to this evening's main subject: is having a ***Flash Sale*** tomorrow and something tells me it's gonna be a good one, with exclusive sales directly from the website, a first in the website's history.   

Think everything from discounted designer goodies (bring it!) to insider prices to Ireland's top restaurants. So yeah, put a reminder in your phone calendar for this one, it starts tomorrow (Wed. 29th) at 8 a.m. with industry insider & celebrity make-up artist extraordinaire Ken Boylan offering readers a one hour private make-up lesson with the team at his Drury Street Studio for €40, a discount of 33%. Flash Sale will run for 4 days or until they sell out.

Not one to keep a secret like this for myself, I thought I'll give this a shout and I'm sure I'll see you all there tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Isadora Sugar Crush Nails

Yet another nail polish post from me today, but this time it's a bling-y one. I love the look of sparkly nail polish on someone else, but when it comes for me to actually wear it, I somehow feel too 'overly done' if you know what I mean. Yes I would wear such a nail polish on a night out or at a fancy event (very rarely), but on a day to day basis, the classic one colour satin finish nail polish does me just fine. 

And still, I could not have given these a miss on my blog since they're very pretty and it's practically my duty (more or less) to keep you all informed with news. 'Sugar Crush' is the new nail polish line from Isadora, a Swedish brand which also happens to have been the make-up sponsor for this year's Eurovision Song Contest that took place in Malmö, also the home town of IsaDora. On this note, I voted for Sweden's entry this year and coincidentally the year before, but I was also happy with Denmark winning the contest :).  End of note.

*Press Samples*  RRP: 9.75 Euro

The Isadora Sugar Crush range is free from toxic ingredients like formaldehyde, camphor, toluene and DBP, and is not tested on animals. In fact, Isadora does not test any of its products on animals. 

Below are the two coats swatches of each of the shades above for your kind attention, 
which I'm sure they will no doubt grab. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Here's my goody bag"....NO!

Long have I sat on my hands and long have I bit my tongue, but I now feel I must somehow give my two cents on the ugly side of blogging, and the beast that it has become. 

I shall start by saying that I am not 16 years old anymore, and that in this stage in my life and time, I know better than to 'point & judge' and get myself into debates and arguments about stuff that indeed, don't have a direct impact on me...however, this 'business' has become awfully unappealing and unattractive lately, all via the 'magic crystal ball' that is Twitter. I am talking press samples and goody bags.

Yes, some bloggers receive press samples and attend press events. That being said, in my opinion, press samples are not a 'privilege' or a 'reward' of some sort, but instead is something that just happens. It is a result more than anything else, of luck, hard work and TALENT.  I personally think I fall into the 'luck' category more so than the latter. I however choose my events and press samples carefully, since my time is quite precious (to me!).   

So, my beef this evening is: Why in God's name would you attend a press event or receive press samples, and then put the contents of your goody bags across the entire surface of the Internet? Why??????

I consider myself to be a reasonable person that lives by the saying 'Don't do to others what you wouldn't want others to do to you', so...

When a beauty blogger (in particular) receives a goody bag, by disclosing its contents online, it can only (in my humble/naive opinion) give birth to two reactions:

A) Other women will not care and think that you are silly for showing off


B) Other women will be quite jealous and envious of your so called 'success'.

My question is, WHY would you want to provoke any of these two reactions to other people? 

If by all means you are a person that enjoys seeing what other people get for free on Twitter, then please do enlighten me as to why. Or else, if you are a blogger that does this regularly, do feel free to again advise me as to why would you choose to show it online? Transparency you might say??? Fair enough then, but be more transparent in your blog reviews and less on Twitter and Instagram. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy seeing photos of new stuff (I am guilty of this myself), beauty launches and genuine comments accompanying it, but dislike seeing photos of one's mail and the contents of their goody bags. 

I shall end this by saying that the foregoing is not a rant, nor am I particularly being judgemental (maybe just a teeny bit!), but instead I genuinely would like to know why some Bloggers choose to disclose the contents of their goody bags online. In fairness.

*This was a different post from me today, it was my first ever 'debate' post and it will most probably be my last one too. Please feel free to comment in a civilized manner, and note that any nasties shall be removed and neatly placed into my 'deleted comments' folder*  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sally Hansen Exotica Collection - Swatches

Available starting this month and retailing at the usual price of 8.95 Euro each, the new Sally Hansen Exotica Collection was inspired by "retro tropical prints, mixed patterns and baroque ornamental designs" and comprises of seven new delicious shades in the Complete Salon Manicure family. I shall leave you now in the company of some photos and swatches, but please note that while I *do* indeed have five fingers on my left hand, somehow I decided to photograph 'four fingered' swatches for some reason, just trying to mix things up a little and stand out from the crowd I guess. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!   

*Press Samples*

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Estee Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Gelee Blush in 'Tease'

Phew, its name is quite a mouthful but at this stage I can say it in my sleep even. Estee Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Gelee Blush in 'Tease' *breathes* has been the subject of many of my tweets and instagram-ing lately, and if you follow me on any of these two social media sites, then you'll probably see the title of this post, roll your eyes and move on without even clicking my link. Which is a big mistake.

Look, here's the deal, I've been literally hunting this down for a week and I finally found it and bought it in Arnotts (a place of Angels - Suzie at the Estee Lauder counter, I'm looking at you!), part of the Spring 2013 collection, this was a limited edition product and the fact is, it's really hard to get a hold of at this stage in time, with the new Summer collection just hitting the stores. It retails at 39Euro but I got it with a 10% discount in Arnotts, for 35 Euro instead. So the following ladies and gents, was/is/will be the subject of my obsession:


It is both a blusher and illuminating powder in one, it is the sheer definition of 'perfection' and as I was telling my good friend Mags the other day, I have never been this impressed with a 
make-up product before, let alone a blusher. Cause you see, I'm not really a blusher aficionado, 
I need it to put some colour back into my cheeks after base, and that's 
about it. 

But oh my God this is stuff that Make-up Fairies create!  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Top Budget Powder Eyeshadows

Hello my lovelies, hope you are all keeping well, happy and healthy :).

I decided to write about my favourite budget eyeshadows this evening mainly because:

1. they're really worth the mention
2. they're easy on the pocket
3. because they're bleedin' fabulous that's why!


Bourjois Paris Intense Extrait '08'
Essence Creamylicious in '01 Wild Berry Sorbet'
Catrice Absolute Eye Colour in '400 My First Copperware Party'
Essence Metallic Effect in '35 Party All Night'


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Bourjois Paris Intense Extrait '08'
Catrice Absolute Eye Colour in '400 My First Copperware Party'
Essence Creamylicious in '01 Wild Berry Sorbet'

Essence Metallic Effect in '35 Party All Night'

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