Friday, October 26, 2012

Avon 'City Rush' Perfume

There comes a time in one's life when one odd fact needs to be admitted. That odd fact in this particular case is 'Dammit, that Avon perfume sure smells nice!', or something to those lines...

I must admit and please don't judge, that I'm a self-confessed snob when it comes to fragrances, I've yet to find a 'slebfume' (see what I did here?) or a non-designer that smells nice, they're all either too sweet, too cheap smelling or too alcohol-y for me, and the latter I find is usually the case with Avon perfumes in my opinion. I am either a fresh bergamot/grapefruit/orange blossom kind of girl, or raspberry/violet/lilly-of-the-valley type, but overall my scent HAS to be fresh and far from sickly, fruity, candy sweet types. 

Avon's newest perfume (starring internationally renowned supermodel Milla Jovovich) however, kind of knocks all my snobbery to the ground with its new release called 'City Rush', a perfume which a lot of people claim it resembles to Gucci 'Guilty'. While I'm not sure about the comparison with 'Guilty', one thing is certain in my mind: City Rush smells darn delicious! 

L: 'City Rush' for Him ;      R: 'City Rush' for Her

Friday, October 19, 2012

Going Gaga for 'Fame'?

As many other people out there I'm sure of it, the only thing I heard about 'Fame' by Lady Gaga at the very beginning before its launch, was the outrageous statement that the latter will smell of blood and semen, but I now rest assured that it contains no such things (or if it does, they're not mentioned in the press release).

Today's post is all about Lady Gaga's newly launched perfume in collaboration with Haus Laboratories and in association with Coty Inc. 

Compounded by Lady Gaga herself and created by Master Perfumer Richard Herpin in association with Honorine Blanc and Nathalie Lorson from Firmenich, 'Fame' is built around three main accords, unlike the usual pyramidal structure of notes:

 Dark Notes:  Tears of Belladonna, Incense
Sensual Notes: Pulverized Apricot, Saffron and Honey
Light Notes: Tiger Orchidea and Jasmine Sambac

Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Lipstick Purchases :)

....*inserts cheeky grin emoticon*

Funny thing this shopping business, I decided today that it was time to treat myself to some new lipsticks (like I need any more of these), because I've been off cigarettes now for an entire period of SIX months, which is a lifetime for a regular puffer like I used to be. As soon as I quit the real thing, I switched to the electronic version of cigarettes and as of Monday past, I am a proud 'quitter' of those feckers too. Yes ladies and gents, *that's* how cool I am. 

Anywho, as a respectable girl that I am, I thought I'll reward my so far five days effort of non electronic-smoking with these bad boys. Now now, not that I need a reason to shop (I actually do, shhhh!) but reward shopping is something very fulfilling, no guilty feeling afterwards and you buy what you want with a clean and happy conscience, win-win!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Clarins Limited Edition Odyssey Collection

Just when I thought I have seen it all in terms of luxury packaging and beauty products, Clarins comes out to surprise me with the most gorgeous palette and compact I have ever seen, products included in their limited edition Christmas Odyssey collection, which will be on counters starting this month.

Odyssey Face Palette RRP: 55 Euro

Against all my 'efforts', I just couldn't bring myself to remove film, as one can see above....

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