Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to: Clarins '3-Dot Liner'

There was a lot of buzz in the beauty world when the Clarins '3- Dot Liner' hit the market this month, and I was one of those people buzzing about it: what is it? what does do? is is a gimmick? and so on and so forth. And to me it pretty much sounded like a new and innovative tool to make your life easier and more fun (drama queen much?). I received a few bits and pieces from their Autumn collection to play around with, but I considered that this product deserves a separate post on its own.

So here's how this little yoke looks like:

Clarins 3-Dot Liner

Clarins 3-Dot Liner

It is basically a treble soft sponge tipped eyeliner that's designed to be applied at the base of the eyelashes and between the eyelashes to enhance the upper lash line, without the heavy result of a proper eyeliner of any kind, be it liquid, gel or felt tip marker style. 

And here's how Clarins advise us to use it:

It would be something similar to this, to my understanding (eyes closed application):

That is fine by me I tell you, since I am not a fan of eyeliners per general, I feel they don't do my eye shape any justice therefore I tend to stay away. Plus, if you have hooded eyes, which I sort of do as well, eyeliner will only enhance that and all you will be able to see when the eyes are wide open, is something that resembles to a shot of black eyeshadow on the lids, which in all fairness is not pretty unless of course that's the look you're going for.

Aside this type of application, I actually 'discovered' a slightly different way of using this, which is on the upper lash line, but applied right at the roots of the lashes (eyes wide open application), which will give you an even more subtle effect. That being said and done, my absolute favourite way of using the 3-Dot Liner is by applying it on the lower lash line, again at the very roots of the lashes, and you can see the results below:   

Here I am wearing the new Ombre Minerale Eyeshadow in shade '08-Taupe', but more on that later 

I usually don't like to wear any mascara on my lower during the day, just to avoid the 'dragged down' illusion this gives to my eyes, and frankly avoiding mascara or maybe just applying one subtle coat only on the lower lashes, it will actually make you look younger and less tired :).  

3-Dot Liner subtly applied on the upper & lower lash lines, 
with no mascara on the bottom lashes

To sum it all up, I don't believe that this product is a gimmick at all, but instead I find it the perfect tool to use when you only seek a subtle definition of the lash lines, and to fill in the gaps between your natural eyelashes. The soft sponge tips make it so comfortable to use, so quick and so easy. I must make a note however, that the 3-Dot Liner in my opinion is not ideal for a full-on eyeliner application, or at least I personally find it impossible to use it in this fashion. 

This has an RRP of 24.00 Euro and is available to purchase in stores starting August 2012.

What are your thoughts on this?


adoreabubbles said...

Can you tell me how long it lasted?

ArtDonatella said...

*checks mirror* I can still see the dots on my lower lash line now @9.16 pm, and I applied it at 7.30 this am ;)! xx

Actionmags L said...

Love this ..I will be doing it tomorrow

Olivia said...

I wonder if this 3 dots thing will turn into 4 or five. You know like those men's shavers with the multiple blades. Maybe someday it will just fit the eyes. Wait, those are the stick on ones aren't they?

As always, you are gorgeous and my girl crush!! said...

It's right on what I Think about the product.
My hope for the futur though is That it Will turn IN to an eyebrow liner IN brown, lightbrown. It could be pretty amazing

Great blog
Let the Sun shine IN
Signing of
IN Denmark

ArtDonatella said...

@Olivia - Haha, they heard it here first right? You better patent that idea asap! As always, you are too good and I love ya! xo

@Ibbyheart - That's a fantastic idea, would be very easy to use! xx

Alex said...

This is exciting!! I will definitely try it!! :)

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