Sunday, June 17, 2012

x3 Stunning nail polishes...

It seems that the most beautiful nail polishes in the world 'landed' in my collection in the past week, two from Ciate and one from my trusted Sally Hansen...Before you go on to thinking 'yeah right!', just take a look below:

The most beautiful nude in the world*:


FREE with this month's Marie Claire Magazine, this is one nail polish I would not recommend you missing out on, everyone should have a proper classic nude nail polish in their collection, and this one my friends: is IT! A cafe au lait shade with purple undertones, it is by far the most stunning nude I ever came across! So for circa 5.70 Euro, you can get your hands on a fab magazine + free nail polish. Do it (if you want to that is ;))! Oh, and Ciate by far, has the most stunning bottles ever, no doubt whatsoever. 


Oh me, oh my! Behold the most beautiful lilac shade in the world*, again FREE with Marie Claire this month, if lilac is your thing, then baby run out and get it now! You won't be disappointed with this colour, I promise!  


Now this is 100% my type of nail polish shade. If someone out there knows a lipstick on the market that kind of matches this shade, please do let me know in the comments. I swear if I could only own one shade of nail polish (which would be very sad and very boring), I would defo be opting for this one...versatile enough to be worn on both short and long nails, classic enough not to be the same old 'red' colour. This one is a press sample, but one that I would in an instant, buy for myself. Retailing at an RRP of 8.95Euro in selected pharmacies, it's is the perfect shade for all seasons and occasions in my opinion! 

* - Slight exaggeration due to over-excitement :)

What shade does mostly represent you?

Yours, ArtDonatella



Rosemary Mac Cabe said...

A-hoy hoy! I think this lip colour, by Covergirl, might be quite close? I think it's US-only but you should be able to buy online or bully someone into getting it for you when they're over:

ArtDonatella said...

A-hoy indeed, that looks deadly! Thanks for that :), off to google the hell out of this until I find one! xx

Actionmags L said...

Did you put that "landed" in just for me - georg colours Sally Hansen you are beautiful

ArtDonatella said...

@Actionmags - Haha, would you believe they actually 'landed'? Please do not hold that against me love, hehe! xx

toomanymuffins said...

That Sally Hanson colour is just divine! I love their salon manicure range!

Ms Bubu said...

I'm sad I'm missgin out on the Ciaté nail polish :( I have subscribed to Marie Claire, but I know the sub copy don't have the covermount.

I'm not really sure what colour represents me, I like all nail polishes except yellow! It's so hard to pull off!

ArtDonatella said...

@toomanymuffins - I love the range too, such trendy shades :) xx

@MsBubu - I agree with your statement about yellow nail polishes, the one I like at the moment is a pastel yellow from Avon, which is superb! xx

SíleC said...

I have that Ciate nude polish but haven't tried it yet - it's lovely on you - so jealous of your amazing nails!

ArtDonatella said...

@Sile - I love that polish, let me know if you like it too :)... sorry :P xx

The Make Up Fairy said...

Adore each polish and especially your lovely long nails. what camera are you using atm? Great quality x

ArtDonatella said...

@The Make-Up Fairy - Hey love, thank you ;). It's an 8MP Fuji S5800, really old but very reliable :) xx

Sunshine Rose said...

I got Purple Sherbet when I got Marie Claire but now I neeed Bon Bon! And love the Sally one, a real beaut:) x

ArtDonatella said...

@SunshineRose - They are all stunning, you'll love Bon Bon! xo

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