Wednesday, June 13, 2012

L'Oreal Professionnel Color Trophy Awards 2012

I had the absolute pleasure to be invited to this year's L'Oreal Professionnel Color Trophy Awards 2012 on Monday, following my fairy-tale experience at this magnificent event back in 2011. Check out my post from last year's Awards,  here :). 

Hosted at the usual O'Reilly Hall in UCD Dublin, there is no show like this show I tell you! The glam, the outfits, the make-up and more importantly... the hair! You know how we all see our hairdressers: they're Gods of style, always one step ahead of trends, really *there* when it comes to beauty, and now: can we all just take a minute and imagine a huge room full of all glammed-up hairdressers??? Yeah, enough said, enough to make a girl lock herself up in the ladies room and cry her eyes out (not that I did that, not that you'll ever know for that matter :)). Be my guest and read on if you're in the mood to be inspired by the work of some annoyingly talented people within the Irish hairdressing industry :)!

So, who entertained?




We all literally screamed when she came out on stage, wearing a full disco ball inspired ensemble, under a sky of flashing lights to add to the already there drama :)

So who won???


Zeba Hairdressing
South William Street, Dublin

Massive congratulations to Zeba Hairdressing for their fantastic achievement!!!!!!!!

Also huge congratulations to all runner-ups and winners of the following categories and awards:

'Men’s Image Award' won by Brown Sugar, Blackrock
'The Irish Tatler Style Award'  won by Zeba Hairdressing, Maynooth
'The Young Colourist Award' won by Peter Mark, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1. 

Special thanks to O'Leary PR (Mari, Aoife & Claire) for presenting me with this opportunity once more, but also to all professionals involved on and off stage in the this year's L'Oreal Professionnel Color Trophy Awards Ireland, for allowing us to witness such a fantastic show :). Kudos to everybody, now give yourselves a well deserved pat on the back for another job well done :)! 

Yours, ArtDonatella


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