Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Benefit 'Hello Flawless' Oxygen Wow

Wow indeed, that is a long name for sure :). If you haven't heard of this foundation yet, then you're  basically....a man, for this foundation has been featured everywhere lately and it's only the beginning I reckon. Only introduced on the market on the 31st March, this foundation from Benefit promises a lot, but does it actually deliver?

Pics from last week at the Bloggers Event, BrownThomas - you can see Lisa Potter Dixon at work here
Benefit Ireland's Official Facebook page here
(bottom pic borrowed from their official Facebook page)

I must raise my hand up in the air and admit that I have no general love for lighter coverage, dewy results type of foundations and whenever I hear 'luminous' I just run as far away as possible, cause having an oily to normal combination skin, means I cannot afford the luxury of using this type of a base. And trust me, who on Earth doesn't bloody want their skin to look all dewy (in a good way) and fresh? 


I personally love the packaging, a plastic container that's practical, looks very clean and is light weight, and comes with a pump that allows you control over the amount dispensed, which is fantastic. Enclosed in the box there is a tiny 0.15ml sample of their 'Porefessional' primer, which looks like an amazing product by the way. 'Hello Flawless' is available in 9 different shades, and the one swatched above is 'Ivory - I'm pure 4 sure' (a definite yellow based shade), which is my perfect match. 


A very light and runny formula, easy to spread and blend, feels very soft and moisturising when applied.  

A few facts to consider:

- Oil Free
- SPF 25PA++
- Suitable for all skin types (a claim/fact I fully agree with)
- Contains vitamins, minerals and peptides


HIGHLY pigmented stuff, and because of this- contrary to my initial beliefs, it covers very well, by no means this foundation gives light coverage, unless you use the tiniest amount, if you just wack it on like you would with any other foundation of your choice, then this gives a medium coverage in my opinion. It's also very buildable, giving you full control over the coverage you want to achieve.  I love how flawless this looks when applied with a foundation brush, which is what the brand recommends us doing anyway. On me, it gives a semi-matte to dewy finish, powder works well on top and it doesn't cake on the skin throughout the day.  


This lasts on me circa 4-5 hours before I need to touch up, and I find that it fades with dignity, leaving no nasty patches behind.  


35 Euro


Me likey!!! Yes, I usually don't rate beauty products as other people do, but in this case, I would give this foundation an 8 /10, it's definitely a product I would recommend you sampling and something I would also invest in. If you are to read any hype reviews on this product in the next few days, don't dismiss, it's worth all the hype in my opinion. I've read a few comments on this product on other blogs stating that it's too expensive, however I would have to disagree. For me personally, base is very important and something in the range of 35 quid sounds good to me, and in this case especially, I think it's worth its price to be completely honest. Plus, I would see 'Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow' as being suitable for all skin types, many foundations state this, but very few actually deliver.

Here's how it looks on me, photo taken today after work.

Product reviewed above is a press sample sent for consideration purposes, the views and opinions expressed here  are my own and are completely and 100% honest, as always.

Will you be giving this foundation a go?

Yours, ArtDonatella



arlene said...

This looks lovely on you, must hint down a sample and give it a whirl myself xx

smokeyeyesmua said...

Great review it looks lovely on you! I was matched with the same shade as you I think but it's a bit too dark for me!

arlene said...

HUNT! ...freudian slip ;)

ArtDonatella said...

@Arlene - Hehe, of course ;))) xx

@Smokeyeyesmua - Thank you lovie, man I hate when that happens, I always get miss matched at events, I'm actually surprised I was matched perfectly on this occasion :) x

Nat said...

This sounds like really good stuff! I've tried quite a few bits and bobs from Benefit before, but haven't given any of their foundations a go yet. Might have to grab a sample of this next time I'm near a counter! x

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