Monday, February 13, 2012

Looking for Love...

Well, not really :P!

'Looking for Love' is actually a name, the name of one of Ja'Maal Buster's (a.k.a. Eyelash Guru to the Stars) False Eyelashes set, that I pretty much fell in love with.

Ja'Maal Buster's clientele include starlets like Beyonce, Rhianna, Audrina Partridge and Kim Kardashian, to name a few. I was lucky enough to receive his new collection called 'Just Lashes' which has five different sets, as follows:

You can see me wearing 'Sold Out Show' here

Now, I am not gonna lie. If you follow and read my blog for some time now, you know already that I'm not a fan of full strip false eyelashes. I received the five sets in December and today I am going to write about a particular one I actually love, and that's the 'Looking for Love' set, pictured below.

These look quite natural and not as scary as others might, so I thought I'll give them a go. This set is so, so natural looking, I absolutely love it! I've tried 'Sold Out Show' & 'Rock Star Chic', but I struggle with them and none of these suit my liking, however, they might be to your taste instead.  But this one, I could wear on a regular basis.

All Ja'Maal Buster's Lashes come with glue, but I don't find this to be particularly great, so defo try a duo glue with them if you want proper results. Here's a quick tutorial using these, which I hope you'll enjoy :) :

P.S. All you need is: Two shades of pink eyeshadows, one purple and a black one, and one eye fluffy brush.

Step 1 - Apply a light shade of pink underneath the brows, onto the brow bone
Step 2 - On the entire lid and above the eye socket, apply a stronger shade of pink
Step 3 - Apply a purple eyeshadow onto the eyelid and work it into the eye socket

Step 4 - Take the black eyeshadow and blend it into the outer corner of the eye, in the usual 'V' shape
Step 5 - Take a gel eyeliner and contour the upper lash line, then smudge
Step 6 - Apply mascara
Step 7 - False Eyelashes

Finished Look:

I paired this eye makeup with a nude lip, Estee Lauder's Venetian Rose

And that's it! I must say I love these false eyelashes, I actually cannot wait to use them again. And the next one in line is 'Whisper', which looks quite appealing to be honest :). Obviously, always clean your false eyelashes before reapplying.

Ja'Maal Buster's 'Just Lashes' are available at Sam McCauley's and major pharmacies and salons nationwide, retailing at 6.95 Euro a set.

Have you tried any of these?

Yours, ArtDonatella



Confessions Of A Makeupaholic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Confessions Of A Makeupaholic said...

These look gorgeous! I love your eye looks - your so talented! x

Gaelle- The Make up Fairy said...

Beautiful look. Love how they just blend in

Actionmags said...

These look amazing on you

ArtDonatella said...

Thank you girls! Mwaaah! xx

Mercedes said...

I love the lashes! I just started wearing them occasionally and I'm slowly getting addicted. You should try Benefit's lashes. A little pricey but so gorgeous. Love the Pin Up lashes by them. Hope I can find these to order!

CherrySue said...

I've never tried these Andrea but they look so natural on you. Really gorgeous x

Olivia said...

Those look nice! Not as Las Vegasy as some of the lashes I have seen on others.

You should really volunteer for my Into the Palette blog someday! :-)

ArtDonatella said...

@Olivia -Hehe, anything for you mia cara!! xoxo

fluff and fripperies said...

The falsies look fab on you! I loved these too, but I still don't wear false lashes on any sort of regular basis xo

ArtDonatella said...

@Emma - Here's your twin! I don't wear them outside (woops), but I would seriously wear these ones on a night out or to a post evening event, e.t.c. But falsies are a basic no-no for me too! xx

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