Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sally Hansen Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered my S.H. giveway, I have other goodie bags on the way, so if you're not the lucky winner this time, fear could be you next time!

The winner is: PINKSHOES76

Congrats lovie, will send you an email in a jiffy :)!

Yours, ArtDonatella


Sunday Look :)

So today, aside from getting up around 12:00 and pretty much relaxing for the rest of the day, I also managed to pull out a small shopping trip to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, for I needed a good black eyeliner gel for my upcoming portfolio shoot.

My make-up today was hands down my 'go-to-routine', I always feel pretty when wearing it, and it involves a neutral brown smokey eye paired with bright pink lips.

Sunday Make-Up

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Let's talk haircare today, shall we? And in particular, about the INOACOLOR CARE range because this is what I've been using lately (that plus I've just washed my locks which gave me a boost to start writing about this).

For everyone that doesn't know, INOA is a new haircare range created by L'Oreal Professionnel, and this is meant to care for your colour treated hair in a salon/pro way, in the comfort of your home.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Liz Taylor Look

Hello my lovelies, hope you are keeping well.

I've been planning this look for some time now, so I thought I'll try out my new Sigma brushes which I bought on Friday (yippeeeee) and give this a go.

Now, by no means I wish to imply that I look anything like Elizabeth Taylor, this is just a trial of new brushes/playing around with make-up kind of thing, which I hope you'll enjoy reading. This is mainly focused on her eyeliner, so the eyeshadow is kept simple and just three shades used here. Also, this type of eye make-up is not flattering on me, as much as I adore it on other people, my eyes are just not made for eyeliner flicks unfortunately :( .

Step 1 - Eyebrows - it all starts here and I'm honestly not happy with my results, but nonetheless...she had thick, dark, naturally beautiful eyebrows, so I started by thickening the inner part of my eyebrows and adding a white matte shade of eyeshadow under the arch

Step 2 - On the entire lid, I applied a warm grey-ish brown, going over the crease and blending upwards

Step 3 - On the inspiration photo I had, I could only see these two shades of eyeshadows, and then the emphasis was on the eyeliner. If you find that you struggle with eyeliner, best thing to do is to map the shape/flick out with a dark grey eyeshadow first, for I find it much easier to correct this than full on eyeliner. I also applied the same dark grey eyeshadow on the lower lash line.

Step 4 - In the pic, she didn't appear to have a harsh liquid eyeliner on, so I used a black eyeliner pencil to draw the line on the upper lash line. The outer flick was created by following the natural line of the lower lash line (going upwards). Her flick (seems to me) got 'hidden' along her natural eye shape and eyelashes from the outer corners of the eyes.

Step 5 - I carefully then smudged the liner in with a pointed pencil brush

Step 6 - A flesh coloured eyeliner on the waterline, plus mascara :)


Her Cupid's bow was less accentuated than mine, so I had to draw over my natural shape just a bit, which makes my lips appear more pouty and full. I first applied a coral lip pencil all over the lips, and then added a bright orange lipstick on top.


So there we have it, not 100% happy with the outcome, but that just means that I need more practice, and that my friends, I can fix :D!

Hope you enjoyed this and have a great Monday tomorrow, everyone!

Yours, ArtDonatella


Monday, February 13, 2012

Looking for Love...

Well, not really :P!

'Looking for Love' is actually a name, the name of one of Ja'Maal Buster's (a.k.a. Eyelash Guru to the Stars) False Eyelashes set, that I pretty much fell in love with.

Ja'Maal Buster's clientele include starlets like Beyonce, Rhianna, Audrina Partridge and Kim Kardashian, to name a few. I was lucky enough to receive his new collection called 'Just Lashes' which has five different sets, as follows:

NEW: Y.S.L. Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stains

I am a huge, mahoosive fan of Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks, always have been - always will be, it's the only brand that can make me pay over 30Euros on a lipstick, and that is the naked truth. I always find that the ideal 'treat' for me is a YSL lippie, especially Rouge Volupte's.

This Spring, YSL are in with a colour boom, a glossy stain to be more precise, very poshly named 'Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres'. Oui-oui, and there's an entire collection of shades available to purchase on the 15th February (nationwide), should you have 33Euros to spare for a wee treat.

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Makeup Collection (Pic Heavy)

I enjoy seeing these types of posts on other blogs, all sorts of collections (especially perfume :)), and so I thought I'll show you mine.

Now my collection is relatively decent in size in comparison to others I've seen around the web world, but trust me, it is more than I can handle anyway!

The Body Shop Chocomania

Just in time for Valentine's Day, and celebrating 25 Years of Community Fair Trade, The Body Shop launched their highly anticipated 'Chocomania' Bath & Body Range, on Tuesday 7th February.

I had the pleasure to be invited to their press launch and to celebrate their achievement in the Community Fair Trade, on Monday the 6th. Special guest, Mr. Gaston Vizcarra - Founder of 'Candela', a Fair Trade Organization that supplies Brazil Nut Oil since 1989, was present on the night. He kindly and most of all passionately introduced us to the world of Fair Trade and to the start to finish process of obtaining the Brazil Nut Oil, which between you and me, ain't an easy peasy process ;). It's quite laborious to the contrary!

Photo Credits: T.B.S. Ireland Official Facebook Page
(On the L: Gaston Vizcarra)
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