Monday, October 31, 2011

My Halloween Look - Kitty Brucknell Inspired

I love Kitty! There, I said it! She is totally entertaining, creative, mad looking, crazy personality, dead-interesting to kind of artist. While I know a lot of you out there loathe her, I don't care, she is a star in my opinion, not my favourite contestant, but I love her nonetheless.

Today, I'm sporting an inspired look from her X Factor 'Rock Week' performance, a look that I absolutely adored on her (I practically couldn't stop staring at her make-up), and whoever did her make-up on that day, is one amazing make-up artist!

Kitty Brucknell (X Factor UK)

While my look is not exactly the same as hers, has the same basics except the shape slightly changed and the materials used. Hope you enjoy this...

 Step 1:

- Start with a basic cat eye look on bare eyelids, just Urban Decay's Primer Potion

Step 2:

- Aplly a matte black eyeshadow on a cotton bud, and start dotting the desired shape as above 

 Step 3:

- Again with the same cotton bud & black eyeshadow, start dotting in the shape (also spray the cotton bud with some water in order to get different shades on black)

Step 4:

- Take a clean cotton bud and apply a matte white eyeshadow, as above
(again, use this wet & dry)

Step 5:

- The fun part: you need black (purple-y black) & white glitter (these gorgeous ones are from StarGazer) and after applying a glitter gel over the eyeshadow, start placing these on top

Step 6:

Mascara :)


And this is the look I'm sporting right this minute :)...I'm not going anywhere, but I kind of feel very rock-chick like and ready for Halloween night!

Enjoy your night everyone! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha (scary voice)

Yours, ArtDonatella


Saturday, October 29, 2011

NYC Winter Collection - 'Cut Crease' Make-up Look

And back after watching the X Factor, that was quite a long 'New York minute' wasn't it?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my first very own 'cut crease' eye make-up look, stay tuned and hope you enjoy this :). First up, let's take a look at some swatches of the new NYC make-up collection, shall we? (God, this reads like a video presentation, doesn't it?):

The customized eyeshadow palettes are just fab! First of all, there's a tiny plastic cover on the eyeshadows describing you the exact use for each shade & texture in part. More importantly, each palette comes 'armed' with a cream highlighter and a primer, which is just fabulous! A combination of matte and shimmery finishes in each palette, these are truly versatile in this regard, allowing you to play around with shades and textures.

The Smooch Proof Lipstains are again, a great addition to the NYC family. They apply quite sheer, a thing I personally quite like because it means they're buildable, and the last thing you want in a lip stain is a massive amount of colour, amount that you cannot take away....because well, they're stains :(. These are water-based formulas enriched with Vitamin B for a non-drying result, which I must say it works :D!

The Blushable Creme Sticks. So, so yummy looking, love the texture. Cream towards mousse-y consistency, very soft and blendable! This is a winning product that I absolutely love :). 

I also received four glittery eye pencils in my goody bag which at first I though they'll be drying and hard to work with...on the contrary, these are quite soft and easy to glide on the eyes, so impressed with their pigmentation too!

I guess that at this point, you guys can tell that I'm actually really impressed with NYC, which I believe, for this collection particularly, they've 'upped the ante' quite a bit. Well done and here's for nice makeup at some really nice prices :D! *I actually sound like their Spokesperson, but I truly love this cheerful brand.*


Step 1: - Apply the light shade of shimmery eyeshadow all over the upper lid

Step 2: - Now take a small tipped tapperred blending brush and apply the light brown eyeshadow ('Crease 1' above) creating the usual 'V' shape on the outer corner of the eye and bringing it way into the socket line

Step 3: - Blend - not upwards, just keep the concentration of the light brown in the crease and outer corner only

Step 4: - Build up the intensity with the dark brown shade ('Crease 2' above) on top of the already applied light brown, and blend the same way 

Step 5: - Neatly trace the upper lash line with the black glitter eye pencil, drawing a subtle flick at the outer corner of the eye

Step 6: - Apply the cream highlighter into the inner corner and onto the brow bone

Step 7: - 'Showtime' mascara on the upper lashes only....and you're done!


Smooch Proof Lipstain in 'Persistent Pink'


Ta-daaaa! Please excuse:

a) Sad look on the model's face :( (not intentional)
b) Wet hair - yes people, I'm this ccccccc-curly in real life

Oh, and also wearing the creme blusher in the above pic :D

Hope you enjoyed this!!!

Does anything appeal to you from this collection?

Yours, ArtDonatella


New York Color Autumn/Winter Collection

Another day, another event...

I was thrilled to be invited to the launch of the autumn/winter collection from NYC on Wednesday evening at the Morrison Hotel in Dublin, together with some stylish fellow bloggers and beauty writers.

I personally am a massive fan of NYC for their great mascaras, beautiful and on trend nail polishes, and most of all- their Sparkle Eye Dusts, which are a MUST in my student make-up kit, especially 'Champagne' which I highly recommend buying. I am also a fan of their prices, oh yes I am, and you can't blame a girl for looking to get quality for less, I am all bubbly and happy whenever I find something for 3.99Euro that works just as well as a high end brand product that's five times more expensive.

The winter collection is about eye palettes, pen lip stains and cream blusher sticks. See below:

NYC Individualeyes Custom Compact
(For Green, Brown & Blue Eyes) 3.99Euro

NYC Smooch Proof Lipstain
(Shades: Berry Long Time, Champagne Stain, Forever Fresia, Persistent Pink) 3.99 Euro

NYC Blushable Creme Stick
(Shades: Plaza Pink & Big Apple Blush) 3.49Euro

Now don't they look delicious? I came home with these babies and I was so excited to try them, especially the blusher stick which looks fantastic!

I had the best time, thanks to Coty for organizing such a warm and pleasant event, and for their kind invitation :).
Swatches & Tutorial on the blog in one New York Minute, so watch this space!

Yours, ArtDonatella


Friday, October 28, 2011

T.B.S. '4 Step Smoky Eyes' Palette

'Silver Black' came home with me on Tuesday, together with some other goodies. I literally could not wait to try this palette because it looks so sophisticated with such great shades and textures.

The palette comes accompanied by a very, very good quality mini brush, in fact the best I've seen in an eyeshadow palette, they're usually awful to say the least. Cruelty-free bristles, I can see myself taking it out of the palette and using it on a daily basis that's how good the brush is. A mini eyeliner pencil is also included, which is quite handy because literally everything you need for a smokey eye look (well, minus mascara) is in the kit.


The two lighter shades are cream formulas, the 'Ice White Base' is very shimmery (can also be used as a highlighter in my opinion), and the light grey one (Silver Highlighter) is pure glitter, so, so lovely if that's the look you're going for. The dark grey eyeshadow ('Marble Grey') is shimmery with satin finish and the black one ('Charcoal Black') has a matte finish (love :)). And here's a tutorial for a basic evening, smoky eye look:

Step 1: - Start by applying the included eyeliner pencil all over the eyelid, thereby creating a solid base for the eyeshadows to come, and also to add depth to the look

Step 2: - Take a blending brush and blend out the edges of the eyeliner

Step 3: - Using the enclosed mini brush, apply 'Marble Grey' eyeshadow all over the lid and on the lower lash line

Step 4: - Using the same enclosed brush, apply 'Charcoal Black' into the crease and on the outer corner of the eye ('V' shape) and blend (with a blending brush) inwards and outwards, to smooth any harsh lines & edges

Step 5: - Apply 'Ice White' on the inner corner of the eye and brow bone

Step 6: -  Now take some 'Silver Highlighter' on the brush and apply on the upper lid, while stopping at the outside corners & eye socket, just enough to create a more luminous eye lid

Step 7: - Mascara....and you're done! 


The quality of the eyeshadows are well worth the spend in my opinion. The brush is amazing, the formulas are outstanding, even the mini eyeliner pencil is great! I am thinking about getting the brown palette as well. since that looks even more amazing and much more my style. Overall, really impressed! Oh, and I also bought a fabulous red lip pencil on the night, which I'm dying to show you guys :)... 

Does anything appeal to you from this collection?

Yours. ArtDonatella


The Body Shop Winter Collection Event

I was thrilled to be invited to the launch of 'Smoke and Sparkle Make-up Collection' at The Body Shop on Grafton Street, on Tuesday evening. I met the lovely Andreea from beforehand, which kind of put me in a great mood, ready to get the 'party' started :).
I must say it was such a great evening, the shop was buzzing with excitement, laughters, chats and the 'occasional' make-up swatching :), The Body Shop team sure knows how to throw a great event  :). Also, any chance to see the lovely Karim Sattar again, who is a star, an amazing make-up artist and a hoot to be around with.

Their winter make-up collection is made out of: the '4 Step Smokey Eye Palette' ('Silver Black' and 'Golden Brown'), a selection of four mini lip glosses 'Mini Hi Shine' (new shades) and the Sparkler (comes in pink and gold).

 4 Step Smokey Eye Palette - 23.95 Euro
Mini Hi Shine - 17.50 Euro
The Sparkler - 19.95 Euro

 Karim at work :)

....while some of us are having fun :)

TO BE CONTINUED....(with swatches & a tutorial in a few minutes)

Yours, ArtDonatella


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Avon Holiday Sequin & Shine Collection

A collection launched this month, Avon's 'Holiday Sequin & Shine' is all about glitz and glamour. I was lucky enough to receive (don't hold that against me :D) a great deal of products from the collection, for review purposes, and I have to say that all-in-all, I'm really impressed.

True Colour Eyeshadow Quad in 'Glitz and Glamour' - 11 Euro

The impressive thing about these eyeshadows is the staying power. They literally last all day on the lid, and they don't crease either. Somehow, I'm telling you- once applied, they stay put! They're not too powdery in formula, which means no crazy fall-outs, they're somewhere in between satin and powder finish, except the blue shade which to me looks quite satiny. To Be Continued (below)

Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel in
'Gleaming Gold' and 'Mercury Metal' 
- 8 Euro each

These apply quite sheer, so a minimum two-coat application is in order. Fortified with diamond dust and acrylic, these will give you a 10 days lasting result, as Avon states. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to try them properly, but will keep you guys posted on the results in due course.

Glazewear Sparkle Lip Gloss in 'Violetta Sparkle' &
Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner in 'Flashy Copper'
8 Euro each

Ahem...Please allow me a moment to confess something. You all know I'm a beauty snob when it comes to lip glosses, I am just not a fan and I can be bitchy towards them sometimes :(...however I ADORE this particular lip gloss!!!!!!!!! Such a perfectly natural shade and such a perfectly 'bang-on-on-the-money' formula, it blows me away! Not oily, sticky but just in the right amont, I actually feel my lips more plumped after using it, and because it's a natural shade and close to my lip colour, I can even cheat and outline my 'God given' lip contour....'Violetta Sparkle' I LOVE YOU! And I will defo get a back-up for this to use in my 'pro' kit (I'm such a show-off :P).

The Glimmerstick however, doesn't impress me much. I don't know if it's the shade or the consistency, I just apply it but I can't get a visible result with it. While soft and easy to glide on, there's something about it that doesn't click with me personally.


- Light shade of eyeshadow in the inner corners and brow bone
- The purple shade on the crease and outer corner 'V' shape
- & Glimmerstick on the upper lash line

+ my beloved 'Violetta Sparkle' *winks*

Yahooooo, love this lip gloss!


So, do we likey???????

Yours, ArtDonatella


Lancome 'Visionnaire LR2412' Review

This product was the most raved about beauty product I've ever witnessed...people apparently came in from the UK to purchase this beauty weapon in Brown Thomas Dublin, and it was sold as easily as 'fish & chips'...

I still remember, the very first day The Daily Mail website published an article about Visionnaire and Kate Middleton using it, it was pure madness, my pageviews went ballistic!

For a beauty product that launched in July 2011 (worldwide launch in Ireland :D , to which I also had the pleasure to be invited to), it was going to be a massive success. Just to give you an example, we all have our most-read beauty post, mine was the one about the launch, and to give you an even more amazing fact, I just checked my status and the second most viewed product on my blog has 848 pageviews, while Visionnaire (most viewed post ever!), has ......6,708!!! Yes people, that's since July this year!

I received my press sample (sounds fancy :P) in the first week of September, more than a month ago. Priced at 70Euro and packed with unique yummy ingredients, I was overly-hyper to trial the new *IT* product!


The Bottle - No need really to describe this beauty, but I'll do it anyway. Comes in a sleek, expensive looking, light (in weight) glass, aqua container, it's the ultimate 'accesory' on your night stand, it just screams: 'look at meeee! I'm a stunner!'. The lid comes off and it's 'armed' with a pump dispenser that releases just the right amount of product.

Consistency and scent - A milky shade serum, with tiny, barely noticeable light reflective particles, doesn't feel runny when applied, instead feels creamy and luxurious. It has a beautiful, the most gorgeous scent ever, very fresh and clean, like most Lancome skincare products would have.

Results and final thoughts - This is a skin corrector that tackles issues like uneven skin tone, wrinkles and pores. I am 27. I am in that particular stage where I need to start looking after my skin properly, and that involves an anti-ageing skincare routine. I have combination skin (oily/normal) and  I have no wrinkles/fine lines whatsoever *yet* (oily skin ages better than dry). I find my skin to be fairly even-toned with no pigmentation issues.. The only problem I have is enlarged pores, which is one of the signs that also indicate my skin type. I must say that in this regard, I have noticed a reduction in size therefore texture of my pores. I must also admit that my skin is left feeling supple and soft when I use Visionnaire, a win-win situation.

All in all, I would consider myself a fan! If this little gem is doing fab things on the depper layers of my skin (which they say it does), that my friends, I cannot tell. That's the tricky thing with skincare. The results are mostly visible, but not miraculous.

That being said, if you get the chance to, I would definitely recommend sampling this corrector, it's a beautiful product. I can't pronounce myself as yet if I would purchase this myself, firstly because it's rather expensive for my wallet, but should I see changes (for the worse) in my skin once I stop using it, I will for sure purchase it, for I have seen more expensive beauty products out there than 70 Euro. Also, I tend to notice how great a product really is, once I stop using it and the problems appear/come back.

Hope that this was somehow helpful to you, and apologies for the 'essay-length' post. Have you tried it yet?

Yours, ArtDonatella


Sunday, October 23, 2011

'Black Swan' Halloween Look

Back with another Halloween tutorial for you lovely lot, hope you enjoy this :)...

I started with a very light shade of foundation, and a white matte eyeshadow under the eye area, towards the temples. A sharp contouring under the cheekbones was required, temples and around the jawline, focusing on creating a slightly more prominent bone structure. My face is long in shape, so I had some serious contouring to do to get the desired effect. No blusher was used in this look.


Step 1: - Start with a basic shaping with a black kohl pencil, and use your eyebrows as a guide. Don't worry about the neatness of the lines just yet.

Step 2: - Get an angled brush and with an eyeliner gel, start contouring the desired shape, and begin feathering the outer corners towards the temples & hair line

Step 3: - Start filling in the eyebrows and most of the eyelid, again, no need to be neat. Don't go completely jet black, just create a base colour, also use different pressured applications in strokes.

Step 4: - Get a matte white eyeshadow and start feathering, leave the upper lash line bare

Step 5: - With another angled brush, get a shimmery grey/silvery colour, and start feathering can also use some blue eyeshadow, to create textures and shades. Also apply the same silver shade on the upper lash line.

Step 6: - To achieve the blood-shot eyes, get a matte red (or a blusher, lipstick) and line the lower lash line, mixing it in with the black eyeliner and underneath it

Step 7: - Add mascara and black eyeliner on the waterline, and the eyes are done! :)


Step 8: - Line the lips with a red lip liner and fill in the entire lips with same

Step 9: - Red lipstick, the brighter the better

Step 10: - Apply some black eyeshadow with a lip brush on the outer corners of both upper and lower lips


Yours, ArtDonatella

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