Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sally Hansen 'Complete Salon Manicure' Swatches :)


I received a huge amount of nail polishes from the collection, 13 (a lucky number for me) to be more precise, oh girls, you can imagine the excitement, I felt like a child in a candy shop who was kindly invited to chose his favourites! And it's more fantastic to me as I never win anything, just the usual 2Euro back from the 2Euro scrathcard, hardly a win at all, just a kind refund :D!

So please do not be jealous!!! Or at least, try not to be! I'm a good girl, and great things come to those who...have nice PR ladies looking after them :D (Cheers Aoife & Claire)!  

Here are the shoes that I wore yesterday to the event, and the matching nail polish I had my nails painted with by the Sally Hansen gal (yep, we were treated to a fab mani session each) :

I am not sure which shade she used though, either 'Kook-a-Mango' or 'All Fired Up', I was brain-dead from all the excitement!!!

And incoming- the swatches for the nail polishes received, a lot of photos, so apologies in advance:




Phew, the end! I *so* love them all! I only swatched them and I am now with 'naked' nails, but I cannot wait to wear them. I noticed that they apply quite sheer, so you would require two coats of these, which is fabulous for me because I believe that the more liquidy these are, the better, they'll last longer and won't dry up in the bottle after a few good applications. And how amazing are the bottles???

Is it wrong that I cannot wait for these babies to be released in June, to get the 'Yellow Kitty', which I totally missed for some reason??? I think NOT!

Which one do you like? I might buy a couple for my next giveaway (will not give away my own, although I thought about doing this, but NO... I love them ALL too much)! So the top picks from you ladies, will go in my next giveaway! Lots of love to you!

Yours, ArtDonatella



Katey said...

Ahh released in june - Yay!! I cannot wait..I've seen US bloggers talking about them and have really wanted to try! I love Simply Devine, Back to the Fuscia and Mudslide..they'd definately be my picks.
Great post - must have taken you ages to swatch all those polishes.

YourBeauty said...

I want them all!! Love the fucsia, the blue one...oh and there is the gold...want want want

Stina said...

OHMYGAWD!!!! Amazing selection there..
LOVE All fired up, Plums the word and shrimply devine - ohhh lush!Lucky you x

Nat said...

Gorgeous swatches and so many pretty shades! Love All fired up, Plum's the word and Mudslide. Really looking forward to giving some of them a go when they're released! Thanks for the swatches :) x

Jenny said...

These look stunning for shades without the conventional base/top coats.

ArtDonatella said...

@Katey - Well yes, took me some time, but hey it was picnic for me really :D! xo

@Your Beauty - Great choices, nice taste :D! xo

@Stina - Oh, lucky girl indeed! Very happy about all of these! xo

@ Nat - Thank you hun, you are very kind and sweet, as always! xo

ArtDonatella said...

@Jenny - Well yes, I agree! Looking forward to seeing how they perform! xo

LauraJean396 said...

Those polishes are absolutely gorgeous! I love them!

ArtDonatella said...

@LauraJean396 - Oh same here! xoxo

Karen said...

omg when you said we think alike, I had no idea you were gonna give away the top 2!!! that is freaky! I'd not read your post or vivaadonis or emma's until i did mine heheh cos i always fear it'll make me lose my "creativity" when writing my post hhee ah i'm delighted we both think alike, i'm not surprised at all, we should go shopping together to pick out the prizes :)

Strawberry Blonde said...

WOW I am loving pretty much ALL of these! Especially the top set of nudes and pinks. I just love how you've swatched and photographed them all - genius. Enjoy wearing them all... I'll definitely be picking up a few when they're launched!

ArtDonatella said...

@Karen - Oh yes we deffo should go shopping together! Told ya, and I know you haven't read the post because you always comment my dear, so I thought you kept a 'low profile' 'till your post was up, which was fabulous b.t.w.!


@ Strawberry Blonde - Thanks a bunch my dear, yeah I love them nudes too, especially on long finger nails! xoxo

Ms Bubu said...

So many nice colours!

I like the mango soe!
I think the navy blue polish is nice!

Thanks for sharing!

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