Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dr. Organic Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Let us talk haircare.

My hair type: - fine/thin,  dry, easily frizzed , dyed with Lush's 'Caca' Henna. I've also been experiencing constant hair loss for some time now, don't really know the reason behind this. 

Considering I have dry  hair, in the past few months I started noticing a more oilier scalp, leading to washing my hair  almost everyday (a no-no for me)...I was introduced to the above by my sister-in-law, who actually didn't find Dr. Organic Tea Tree Shampoo very helpful for her oily hair.

Holland & Barretts, € 6.89 each / 250ml.

My thoughts:

Step 1 - Washing:
The shampoo itself doesn't lather as well as your typical supermarket shampoo brands, and has that strong tea tree smell (that I, for one, quite like). When rinsing, your hair feels clean, but dry & tangled, so I would recommend using the conditioner with it (I tried it with a different brand of conditioner too, and it works just as well).  

Step 2 - Drying:
My hair still feels tangled after being washed, but as soon as I start coaming my hair with a regular hair brush, it detangles in a jiffy & call me 'crazy', but I think it dries up in a shorter amount of time too.  

Final Result:'Wow!'
My hair feels and looks silky, squeeky clean, mirorr - shiny and not as frizzy as usual - I still use another anti-frizz product, but other than that  I can honestly say these are the best shampoo +conditioner I have ever tried; sure, you only get 250ml for c. €7, but I love this brand and I will keep re-purchasing, for the sake of my 'luscious locks' - "because they're worth it!". 

Have you ever tried this brand?

Yours, ArtDonatella




YourBeauty said...

Tried the foot cream with honey from Dr. Organic for tired legs and veins and found it good. Also have their cellulite cream as well, must give it a try...holidays are near :).

I'll look for this next time, my hair is the worst, must be washed everyday :( xxx

ArtDonatella said...

Andreea, it's also good for dandruff (anti-dandruff, of course :))...I can't really praise it enough if I'm honest, I just really hope it works for you, just as well! :)

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